Wednesday, May 02, 2007

And above all you must be...

I was looking for a poem with the last line of "And above all you must be...". Because I've forgotten the last word, I decided to Google the phrase and see if it brought up the desired poem. It didn't. But it did turn out to be of some use I think.

This is mindless. To express the most important personal characteristic, one might use this phrase and fill in the blank with the word or words they feel most qualifies a person to do whatever they're speaking of in the prior statement. Here are the results first 32 results. Some of these are pretty funny.

And above all you must be ________

- reliable
firm with frequent visitors
honest with yourself
asking which door is the true one
willing to do whatever it takes to attain maximum results
able to translate your long-term goals into short-term, day-to-day tasks.
-willing to test your limits and understand the relationship between blood, earth, and sky
committed to Comprehensive education
ready to take advantage of what opportunities come your way.
-a team player.
-a blues fan
-keen to learn and be extremely IT focused and well orgainised
-prepared for all this to take time.
-positive, confident and motivated individual.
-sensitive to the media, because they often write policy as effectively as the school board.
-objective and fair in your dealings with staff
-loving, for love is the link of the perfect life.
-knowledgeable of Iraq's language and art.
-prepared for a lot of hard work if you are ever going to make it work for you.
-able to forget your fear to possibly disgrace yourself
-able to meet deadlines and work
good at handling children - playing, helping them to learn, it's never a passive job.
effectively bilingual in Japanese and English.
in passion with the miracle of life, your life and with our divine, miraculous Earth.
careful to set them a good example yourselves
yourself (under a different name of course!)-


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