Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

32 lives.

When things like this happen, does it make us question humanity in general? Should it?

But those questions should come later. First - if we hope to learn anything from this, we need to react in a logical progression. We need to find out if the reaction of the university to the shootings was adequate. Some are saying it was not. If it did not respond quickly enough or if it did not notify the campus - leadership must change and new rules must be instituted.

We need to understand why the shooter did what he did. Could it have been prevented?

One issue that stands out for me is the presence of guns in our society. The NRA is a powerful lobbying group and that needs to change. It's silly to think that having a gun is a god given right, and until we change our antiquated and farcical laws on gun ownership we will have more lives lost because of needless gun sales.


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