Tuesday, January 09, 2007

An overwhelming question

Artist Bryce Marden, whose work is featured at the MOMA and has recently been at the Guggenheim, was interviewed yesterday on PBS' The News Hour. Marden is a abstract painter and his work is intricate. The interview was great, but one of the questions the interviewer asked really struck me. He asked Marden, "Why, in the 21st century is art important?"

And it made me wonder, why are the things we do important? In the world we live in, are literature, philosophy, theology, etc important? And why are they? What do they do?


Blogger Tina said...

Great question. I think what it is that continues to make art relevant in a society that is becoming, in some ways, too technologically advanced for its own good, is that art connects people. Looking at art online or reading a book on a laptop, to me, will never compare to the act of going to a museum or turning the pages of my favorite novel.

We want not only to connect to art itself (and a computer just simply will not give you the warm and fuzzy feeling that a book or a painting can), but also to connect to one another. To experience art most fully, I think, is to experience it with others. Art is meant to connect us to those universal feelings of anger, love, sadness, excitement. To experience art is to realize that we are alive.

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