Friday, December 28, 2007

Stay tuned...

For anyone out there who has actually ever read this blog and/or anyone who may have missed my ramblings over the past few months, stay tuned for what I hope is a new beginning to the blog. I'm in a new line of work, education, and I'm hoping this will add something to the discourse I'd like to begin here. I'll try and stay focused on topics like education, philosophy, theology and politics/culture.

For now, read this quote from about Billy Bragg and watch this clip.

"What he represents is important, too. Not very many decades ago, the left in Britain rested upon the foundation of an English proletarian of the sort that could recite Dylan Thomas and quote Marx, that read workers' newspapers and sang from union songbooks, and that voted Labour come hell or recession. Billy Bragg is that, more than anything else, and there aren't many like him being produced anymore."


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